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Canine Good Citizen and Show Training classes are still on.

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Updated 8th March 2019

The Objects of Canterbury Kennel Assn adopted 31st March 2009 (Objects)

Increased camping fees adopted March 2016 (Kennel centre charges)

CKA Health & Safety Plan adopted May 2017 (Health & Safety Plan)

Updated 4th March 2019

Steward Training (new courses for 2020) (Stewards)

Calendar of Events at the Kennel Centre for 2019 (Calendar)

Updated 25th Mar. 2019

CKA Constitution adopted 25th March 2019 (Constitution)

Updated 13th August 2019

Results 2019 CKA Benefit Show (Benefit Show)

Updated 11th November 2019

Reporting times for the November 2019 Championship Shows (Reporting times and numbers)

Updated 28th November 2019

November Show Results (Best in Show)

Updated 16th Feb 2020

What's the latest news from McLeans Island

Click here for details:-  Scentwork workshop

Updated 13th August 2020

Canine Good Citizens classes (CGC)

Projects for the improvement of the Kennel Centre (Projects)

2020 Presidents Report (Report)

2020-2021 Committee (Committee)

Updated 29th August 2020

Rally-O classes to begin at CKA (Rally-O Novice flyer)



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Sponsorship of the Group Sashes for the November Championship Shows is available.

COST $60.00 per Group.





C.K.A. announces a new breeders listing.

To list on this page email

Just $5.00 per year.

Click here to see all breeds recognised in NZ and breeders


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